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Bernhard Fuchs
About me

Born in Wengen on 6 September 1960 I grew up with my two brothers in
our parents‘ home close to the foot of the Lauberhorn Race finishing point.

Our father, a mountain guide and ski-instructor was often away from home so
we helped our mother. We kept 20 sheep so there was always something for us
to do especially as she also ran the Wengen flower shop.

As a little boy I loved to go ski-ing and sledging. I made the most of all the
opportunities that the mountains offer. I also trained and qualified in Wengen
as a ski-instructor and a chef. I went on to train in forestry and completed a
course run by The Swiss Association of Real Estate Trustees.

I first got to know and love my wife, Chantal, while ski-instructing. We live at the
Chalet Sommeralp in Wengen with our two daughters, Jana and Mia. In the summer
we often go hiking; in Winter you are very likely to find us on the slopes.
We try to find time too for an annual two week holiday in the sun – usually the
Red Sea. Our children are real water-babies and we love the diving.

What my clients say about me

“ Bernie taught me to ski as a child. Today I am a qualified ski-instructor,
largely thanks to his early training which has always stood me in good stead.”

“ I was a nervous middle-aged lady, convinced that I would never be able to ski.
But Bernie showed me that everything is possible and while I will never keep up
with the kids, I can now ski down a black run and enjoy it.”